Savings Never Looked So Clean!

Residents across the Palm Beaches and the Treasure Coast can unlock deep discounts on auto detailing services by joining Modern Day Detailing’s VIP Detailing Club. Enjoy the same price regardless of vehicle size.

What is Maintenance Detailing?

Maintenance detailing is a scheduled, regular car detailing that happens on a consistent basis. How consistent that scheduled detailing is will vary from customer to customer. Maintenance details are cheaper as they do not include the full extent of services provided during our one-time detail packages. With consistent upkeep, the vehicle simply doesn’t get dirty enough to perform a full-service detail each time!

Our Maintenance Plan is designed to help you keep up with the cleaning of your vehicle. This detail is the same service as the Basic Detail, and we will make sure it maintains a fresh coat of wax as often as it needs.

With years of combined experience, our team takes pride in using top-rated products and proper techniques to achieve and maintain a showroom quality finish – no matter what detailing package you choose!

Perks of becoming a VIP Detail Club member:

  • Priority Booking
    Book on your schedule and at a time that is most convenient for you! Our VIP members receive priority booking at every service interval.
  • Convenient Online Booking
    Simple and hassle-free! VIP members also receive access to our online calendar, which makes scheduling your detail service a breeze.
  • Discounted Rates
    What’s better than deeply discounted detailing rates? How about even more discounts! VIP members also receive discounted rates on other services, including paint protection film (PPF), ceramic coating, window tinting, and more!
  • Mobile Service
    Skip the trip – we come to you! Our detailing company is fully mobile, so no matter if you are at home or work, we can schedule a detailing service at your convenience.
  • Monthly Exterior Wash
    Members enjoy 4 free exterior washes per month; that’s 1 wash per week!

Maintenance Plans Include:

Deep Vacuum

Vehicle Interior Is Deeply Vacuum, Underneath Seats, Sides and Air Vents


Interior (plastics, dashboard, door panels, kick panel, cup holders, vinyl, interior surfaces) Is Treated to A Light Wipe Down That Will Remove Excess Dust On Dash, Center Console and Air Vents

Windows Cleaned

Interior and Exterior Windows and Mirrors Are Cleaned With Windex to Restore Clarity and Visibility

Hand Wash and Dry

Exterior Is Hand and Dried Using Microfiber Mitts, WE DO NOT USE BRUSHES or SQUEEGEE On the Exterior Of your Vehicle

Clean Door Jambs and Gas Cap

Door Jambs, Gas Caps, and Trunk Jambs Are Degreased and Cleaned

Degrease Rims and Tires

Your Rims and Tires Are Cleaned Using Non-Acid Wheel Cleaner to Remove Brake Dust

Dress Tires

Tires Are Dressed Using Non-Slinging Tire Shine (The Gloss Is Unmatched)

Spray Wax

Your Exterior Is Treated to a Spray Wax that is a mix of Carnauba wax and synthetic sealants This will help retain the wax that is already on your vehicle

Trunk Compartment Detailed

Removal of Road Tar and Bugs

Available Packages:

Monthly Maintenance (Gold Plan)

$60 per month

Bi-Weekly Maintenance (Platinum Plan)

$100 per month

Weekly Maintenance (Diamond Plan)

$160 per month

Large SUVs and lifted trucks are subject to additional fees.

Maintenance Plan services are “use it or lose it.” If you miss a weekly, monthly, or quarterly maintenance, that amount is not refundable and services do not carry over into the next period. We are able to offer these maintenance plan prices because the frequency of the maintenance helps reduce the time each service takes. Missed services mean the vehicle will be in worse condition and the next service will take longer than expected.

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