Frequently Asked Questions

As of now, we do not have a shop location, but we can service the vehicle at our home location. We do not offer a mobile service for paint correction. Paint correction is a tedious service and working outside is not ideal for optimal results.

Absolutely not. We do not use harsh chemicals and there will be zero trace of any smell other than your clean car. Till this day, we’ve never had a customer mention anything about a chemical smell.

We use a variety of brushes, cleaners, and machines to thoroughly clean your interior. It’s dependent on the type of fabric, the condition, and the end results we’re want to achieve.

If we’re working at your home location, then if possible, we’ll use the water spigot you have. If we’re working at an apartment or your work location, we have our own water supply that we use. Regardless, we can get the job done!

We have a few brands we use like Meguiar’s and Chemical Guys. So it comes down to what we’re working on and what we decide is best fitting.

It’s all depends how you store your car. If it’s garaged at work and at home 80% of the time, then it can last between four to six months. If you have your car sitting out in the sun, cold, and rain 100% of the time, then maybe you can get three months out of it.

Also, if you wash your car with dish soap, then you’ll start stripping the protective layer of wax off your paint.

• Full Wipe Down
• Double Vacuum Interior
• Clean all Windows
• Clean & Protect Plastic
• Upholstery clean, and extraction
• Leather Treatment
• Minor Pet Hair Removal
• Minor Carpet Stain Removal
• Detail Floor Mats
• Detail Trunk
• Air Freshener Treatment

Approximate time 2+ hours

When it’s relatively warm outside, your seats, floor mats, and carpets will be 100% dry within 3 hours. Usually by the time we’re done, they’ll be 90% dry.

When its gloomy, it takes much longer to dry as the water doesn’t escape as easily from the fabrics. With that being said, we never over saturate your fabric anyhow. You’re not going to see puddles of water or anything.

It depends on the size and condition of the vehicle. Generally speaking, between 2.5 to 4 hours.

• Professional Hand Wash
• Clay Bar Vehicle
• Bug and Tar Removal
• Detail Rim Faces & Tires
• Dress and Shine Tires
• Dress All Exterior Plastic
• Clean Wheel Wells
• Minor Sap Removal
• Ceramic Spray Coating 3 Month Protection (wax)
• Touch Up Spot Polish

Approximate time 2+ hours

Applying a wax will hide the micro-light swirls and scratches in your paint. They’re essentially “filled in” with the wax which creates more shine. So technically it does hide the really light scratches, but it does not actually remove any of them.

If you’d like to add more shine and protection to your paint, then I suggest you recommend checking out our Wash and Wax service. The Basic Car Wash is just to clean the loose dirt and debris that has accumulated on your car.

Wax does not remove any swirls or scratches from your paint. It only hides the very light swirls and can be completed in a few hours. Paint correction actually removes the swirls in your paint. This is what makes the paint shine like crazy. It also takes a substantial amount of time and energy to complete. Usually one or two full days (depending on size, condition, and desired results).

We sure do! You have the option of choosing a ceramic coating that gives you shine and protection for up to two years (for an additional cost), or going with a more traditional option like a sealant.

After the paint is corrected, the next phase is maintenance. It’s just like losing weight. You don’t just work hard for a couple of months, reach your goal, and then go back to eating whatever you want and not working out. You have to continually work out and eat healthily. It’s the same with paint correction. You have to properly wash and dry your vehicle moving forward to maintain the swirl-free finish of your paint. If not, you’re back to square one.

Yes, System X® Ceramic Coatings should be thought of as adding another clear coat to the paint’s surface. This new clear coat is glossier, chemical resistant, and harder than the original clear coat. System X® is a permanent coating in the same sense that the clear coat on your car is permanent. Eventually the clear coat will wear away over the years; its overall longevity depends on conditions, cleaning frequency, proper application, and maintenance.

A wide arrange of machines, pads, polishes, compounds, cleaners, towels, and lights will be used to work on your car. Every car will be different and will yield different methods and tools.

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